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Trustworthy Company with Great Customer Services

I have used BK Floors to Go for several years. I have had many floors and tiles installed in my home by them and their work has been great. Their workmen are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They have great customer services that are very responsive and accommodating. Their pricing is fair and I have no complaints. I trust them and would use them again easily.

- Noel R.
Evansville, IN


This is my second time using BK Floors to Go and I will continue to do so because of their great service. I am always happy with the customer service and the quality of the product. The sales representative, Gale, was absolutely wonderful, very informative, and took great lengths to be helpful. All the employees were professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. The luxury vinyl, hardwood, tile, and carpet that I purchased all had excellent quality. I had no problems with the service and I am more than happy with how everything turned out. I would absolutely recommend BK Floors to Go and will definitely use them again in the future.

- Mary P.
Evansville, IN

We like the floor from BK Flooring because it's waterproof--and I can put my tropical plants in that room without worrying about stains from water or dirt.

They were very professional at BK Flooring. Their staff came out in a timely manner and got an estimate together quickly, and we are very satisfied with the job. They put vinyl wood flooring down and the installers cleaned up their mess--so it was clean when they left. The installers did their work very quickly and knew their jobs well. We love the floor.

- Cynthia V.
Chandler, IN

Professional From Beginning to End

BK Floors to Go installed a new floor for us and they were totally professional from beginning to end. They were very proficient in their work and just super nice people to work with. I could go on and on and on, but I'd say that as far as humans are concerned, they did everything as perfectly as a human can be expected to do. The price wasn't cheap, but it was certainly fair and I would definitely use them again.

The floor is laminated hardwood and it looks fine. I would say its as close to flawless as possible. At the end when they were moving the furniture back there was one tiny scratch on one of the new panels. One of the workers offered to tear out the entire panel to get to it. I declined, but he touched it up a bit and you can barely even see it. Even with the scratch, it looks really nice.

This business is extremely fair and has very high-quality service. This organization and the people we worked with were so helpful. Every person who worked with us from the sales ladies (Gail, Lisa) to the installers (Tommy, Ryan, Brent) everybody was totally professional and it all worked out extremely well.

- Paul Y.
Evansville, IN

Not A Good Experience This Time.

The first time I used BK Floors' services, their service was good. However, the second time I used their services, they oversold me on the cost of materials and labor. They told me I owed them for their services, but I thought I had already paid them. BK Floors To Go took several weeks to reimburse me the money, which I received Tuesday. The quality was mostly okay, but my walls and floor were left with marks, but they paid me to paint it myself because the marks will not come off.

- Bob W.
Bloomington, IN

Great Price and Quality Work.

A friend recommended BK Floors to Go and that was reason enough for me to try them. This friend is very price conscious and really shopped around when they remodeled so we hired them to install some laminate flooring in a couple rooms. I thought they did great work and especially appreciated their promptness and efficiency. The job was completed in less than a day and the floors look amazing. Overall, I was very pleased with their service and would recommend this company as well.

- Norm L.
Evansville, IN

Very Responsive - Easy To Work With

I have already recommended BK Floors to Go! The woman that sold me the floor was very good. In fact, all of their employees were great to work with. My first contractor came and did the first floor from BK right away. However, when my contractor got sick, the whole project got pushed back for about a year. However, BK Floors to Go ensured that as soon as I needed them again, they would be there. And they did just that! When the contractor got back to work, they were immediately responsive and overall helped the project go very smoothly! I just really appreciated the responsiveness and ease of communication. And I love my flooring!

- Connie W.
Evansville, IN

Great work, excellent customer service!

I recently went to BK Floors to Go to get some new flooring to be installed in my home, and was quite pleased with how the work from them went. The employees from BK Floors to Go were very friendly, and very helpful with finding us a type of flooring that was within our price range, and that would work well in our home. Once we had decided upon a type of flooring the installation went quickly and without any issues, the people doing the installation were courteous and professional, and were excellent at keeping their areas clean. Overall I thought BK Floors to Go did a fantastic job with our flooring, I would definitely go back to them if needed, and I highly recommend their services.

- Scott B.
Evansville, IN

Really Good!

BK Floors to Go provided a really good service. We met with our salesperson Lisa. She was always available to help us. She came to the house for the initial measuring and she had a lot of feedback and information for us. She came back again when we had questions about the lines we could see on the carpet. She helped us out with that, and BK Floors to Go resolved everything. This was my first time using them. It was very easy dealing with them. They were all just very nice and professional.

- Pam V.
Evansville, IN

Customer service was awesome

Brian works with you if you have a set budget on price and is very helpful on the +/- of different flooring types for your individual needs in your house. Glad to have bought flooring from BK Flooring AGAIN!

- Dan D.
Elberfeld, IN

Great job.

We heard about BK Floors to Go by word of mouth. We hired them to put wood flooring in our hallway. They did a good job. The hallway looks great. The installers arrived on time, they were professional and very nice. They had to come back to put the thresholds down for the carpeting. I don't know if maybe they forgot to order it, or didn't have it in stock, but it took them about 2 weeks to come back and finish the job. We are very happy with the work they did and would hire them again. We recommend them to others.

- Jill C.
Evansville, IN

Great job.

I heard about BK Floors to Go from some friends who had used their services. They installed new luxury vinyl flooring in my kitchen. They also put a new backsplash in the kitchen. The installers were great. They did an excellent job. They were really nice and very professional. They did their job quickly and efficiently. I would use their service again. I have already recommended them to friends.

- Randy C.
Evansville, IN

Great company

This was my first time using BK Floors to Go. I was referred to them by family members who had previously used their services. They had nothing but good things to say about them. I had them install hardwood flooring in my condo through the living room, dining room, and hallway. They did a great job, I absolutely love it. The salespeople were so nice and very helpful. They let me take samples home and then bring them back and take more samples home. They were very patient and professional. The installation crew was just as good. I would highly recommend them to other people.

- Joanne P.
Evansville, IN

Great work, excellent service

I am quite happy with the work I received from BK Floors to Go. They came out quickly and got to work right away. The work went very well and the floor looks great. I would definitely use them again, and I highly recommend their services!

- Steve K.
Evansville, IN

An installer failed to complete some work, that was 2 months ago.

The materials that BK Floors to Go sent were great but the service was not. One of the three installers failed to complete some work, so we contacted BK and they sent an assistant manager out to look at the areas that needed to be addressed, that was 2 months ago. 

We made that phone call and talked to the designer that we worked with and then, nothing really happened so, I finally wrote a letter last week and finally and I got an immediate phone call and they said they are coming out this Friday to correct the mistakes that should have been taken care of in July.

- Keith F.
Evasville, IN

Great work, excellent service

I had outstanding service from BK Floors to Go. We had used a different service to put flooring into our basement and had many issues with the company we were using. We ended up going to BK Floors to Go and they were 180 degrees different from the first company, the installation was awesome and hassle free, and we haven't had any problems since. Would definitely recommend.

- Michelle B.
Evansville, IN

Great experience, thank you Kim!

The woman who we dealt with for the majority of our interactions with BK Floors to Go, Kim, was spectacular. We had to replace the carpeting on some stairs and she really helped us pick out some carpeting that would work well for what we needed, and always followed through on talking to us and getting what we needed. One step was not finished correctly and the carpeting was incorrectly applied, when we told Kim that this happened she had people sent out very quickly who repaired the mistake. I have had a great experience using BK Floors to Go and would gladly recommend them to anyone I know in need of similar services.

- Susie B.
Evansville, IN

Great experience, great service

This was my first time using BK Floors to Go and I had a great first experience using their services. We needed to replace a floor and found BK Floors had the best pricing for what we needed done. The workers came out and looked at everything, they were very knowledgeable and helpful about telling us what we might need or what might work better for us as a replacement floor. After that the workers came the next day and quickly did the install of the floor, they were very courteous and professional while they were here doing the work and finished the work quickly and cleanly. Overall I have had a good experience using BK Floors to Go, I would use them again if in need of more floor work and will definitely recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for similar services.

- LeAnn B.
Evansville, IN

A Very Professional Company

A carpenter told me about BK Floors to Go. Recently, I just had laminated floors installed in my kitchen and bathroom. The technician and their staff are very professional. Brian Mackey was great and very helpful.

- M/M Frank B.
Evansville, IN

Best Prices!

BK Floors to Go came out to put down wooden floors in our hallway and foyer. The company also installed in new carpet for 3 bedrooms. I checked around and compared some prices and their prices were the best! I am satisfied with the results.

- Alex H.
Evansville, IL

Honest, forthright and very good. Definitely a good experience.

BK Floors to Go were very honest and forthright. They told us what they could and couldn't do and when they could and couldn't do it, they were clear about how long it would take and they offered some good advice. The lady that came out and measured, she offered some nice suggestions and the gentleman that installed our floor wanted to let us know some of the imperfections that could occur if he did it one way as opposed to another, so, I appreciated his honesty. 

I thought it was very very nice, definitely a good experience. I don't know as far as cost and efficiency, it seems like they might have been a little high but we went ahead with them anyway because we wanted this particular tile and we would probably use them again in the future. 

We had to wait a long time, like 6 weeks to get the tile put in but it was probably worth the wait for him because he was very good.

- Ria R.
Evansville, IN

Great service and work.

BK Floors to Go put carpet in our great room, master bedroom and the hallway of the master bedroom and closet. They were very easy to work with, they showed up when they were supposed to and they were very friendly while in the house. The carpet came out great, it looks fantastic. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Great workmanship and customer service.

- Valerie R.
Newburgh, IN

Great company!

BK Floors to Go were great. I bought vinyl plate flooring from them, which I love. The price was very reasonable. They also installed the flooring for me. They completed the job within the amount of time I expected and the installer was polite and very respectful of my home. I'm already using them again to replace the flooring in my sun room and will continue to use them again in the future. They were absolutely great!

- Debbie M.
Evansville, IN

Very accommodating.

BK Floors to Go are always very accommodating with me and my clients. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy with the outcome. They come out and measure when ever is convenient for my clients and are always on time. They also met me with samples in the past with other options when something wasn't available on back order. They are always great to work with in my experience. Would definitely recommend them.

- Tony B.
Evansville, IN

I Love My New Kitchen Floor!

BK Floors to Go put in a new kitchen floor for me and I absolutely love it! Customer service was great and so were the installers. Prices were average plus the cost for the actual installation was less expensive than the other companies in the area and that was one of the main reasons for me selecting them. I will be going back to them again.

- Dave H.
Evansville, IN

Great service. Very helpful.

We are building a new house and we went to BK Floors to buy carpeting for the home and hardwood flooring and laminate flooring for a couple of rooms in the house. Lisa was very good and supporting of us and our decisions, we were even on a first name basis with here by the end. The whole operation was very helpful at getting what we wanted and not wasting time or money.

- Mike M.
Newburgh, IN

Everything was good.

We used BK Floors to Go twice recently. Everything went good. We use them once for the floor and once for the carpeting. The workers were great and polite.

- Alex H.
Evansville, IL

Very good

Everything went smoothly when BK Floors to Go put down wooden flooring and carpeting throughout the entire house. It was my first time using them and their technicians were speedy, friendly and professional--cleaning up after themselves and arriving on time. They are good and I would use them again.

- Jeffrey W.
Evansville , IN